4 Benefits of Moisturizing Your Face

You've probably heard that moisturizing your face is an important step in your beauty routine. Moisturizing helps keep your skin healthy, which in turn keeps you looking and feeling younger. Moisturizer enhances your skin's natural protective layer and even adds protection from harsh products and weather. And though the benefits in harsh conditions are undeniable, moisturizer is useful year-round when it comes to keeping your skin looking and feeling healthy.

Moisturizing Combats Wrinkles

Keeping your face well-moisturized helps you look younger by making any wrinkles you do have look less apparent. When your skin is dehydrated, it shows all the lines you have. Moisturizing helps hydrate your skin so your wrinkles aren't as prominent.

But moisturizing also helps stave off new wrinkles. When you skimp on your moisturizer routine, it can lead to deeper wrinkles down the road. This is because dry skin leads to a small but chronic inflammation in your skin. Eventually, that leads to collagen breaking down, which in turn leads to accelerated aging.

The Right Moisturizing Routine Prevents Flaking

Without moisturizer, skin tends to look flaky and dull. This is especially the case when it's cold outside. Levels of humidity drop in the winter, and dry air is a big culprit when it comes to drying skin out and stripping it of lipids.

Lipids are your skin's protective outer layer. When those lipids are stripped, irritants more easily enter your skin. This causes redness and flaking.

Moisturizer Adds a Layer of Protection

In addition to the natural lipids moisturizer protects, good moisturizer products also add a layer of protection for your skin. But, unfortunately, many other very powerful skin care ingredients tend to dry out your face. If you don't follow up with moisturizer, you may experience redness and peeling skin.

Making matters worse, you may stop regular use of your most powerful skin care products when you experience those effects. That means you'll still have some of these effects, without getting the full benefits of the products. Following up with moisturizer, though, adds a layer of protection that helps fight the sometimes unpleasant effects of your favorite products.

Moisturizing Fights Off Nighttime Dehydration

You've likely heard that you should use moisturizer at night. In fact, science backs that up. Your body loses a lot of water during the night. A good moisturizer helps to ensure that your skin doesn't dehydrate too much while you're sleeping.

The human body also naturally tries to repair itself in the night. Using a moisturizer with the right ingredients helps boost that automatic repair.

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Moisturizing your face enhances the natural processes of this sensitive part of your skin while giving it an added boost. Prevent flaking and wrinkles by using moisturizer regularly in your beauty routine. You'll have glowing, healthy skin that reveals its natural beauty.