Choose More Eco-Friendly Face Mask Options

The beauty industry is notoriously bad at protecting the environment. Products that are great for taking care of you, might not be so good for the world around us, but that is starting to change. Many beauty industry companies are starting to adopt more environmentally friendly processes. Here are a few things you can look for when choosing your face masks.

Pretty Wrappers

Packaging is a big area of waste when it comes to face masks. All of those pretty wrappers take resources to produce, and they create waste that could take thousands of years to biodegrade. Some companies are getting creative with their packaging to reduce their carbon footprint. Changing the shape of packaging, using different materials, and the big one: getting away from individually wrapped masks.

As adorable as individually wrapped face masks are, forward-thinking companies like LuLuLun have started creating packs of facemasks to reduce waste. These masks are still great for your skin and feel like a spa in a box. This way, you can look beautiful and take care of the earth all at the same time.

How It’s Made

A lot of things go into producing the face masks we all love. The production of the materials in the mask, the mask itself, the packaging, and the instructions all take resources to produce. Companies today are looking for ways to reduce their carbon footprints by using less energy in the production process.

Solar energy is being used in many factories to create the same great products without using an excess of energy. Other companies are leaving out the instruction packets in favor of printing them on the box itself. Some have even reduced the number of steps it takes to produce your favorite face mask, creating a more efficient system, thus reducing energy usage.

Producing one facemask is a long process. From the harvesting of essential oils to the vehicles that deliver finished products to the store, beauty companies are paying more attention to keeping their customers and the environment beautiful.


Recycling in the world of beauty is a tough thing. Most of the packaging can’t be recycled through municipal means. This means you can’t throw them in the big blue bucket your town provides for you. There is hope though. Most facemasks are made of cotton, which is great for compost. If you have a backyard compost system, throw your used facemasks in with the rest of your compostable items.

If you don’t have a backyard compost option, companies like TerraCycle, are creating options to recycle more waste.

How You Can Make a Difference

As a consumer, you have a lot of power. The more consumers demand that companies look for greener alternatives, the more it will happen. When you shop, look for companies that are trying to make a difference. Maybe they have converted a portion of their production plant to solar, or maybe they are using trains for their deliveries rather than trucks.

Take a look at your own habits. Can you purchase things in bulk and reduce the extra packaging heading to the landfill? Can you compost your face masks rather than throw them in the trash?

If all of us start making these small changes, together, we will have a big impact on the environment and stay gorgeous.