How to choose the right Lululun mask for your skin

If it's your first time trying Lululun, you may be confused about how to choose the right mask for your skin. We'd love to explain here and make it easy for you to pick one for tonight!

Lululun is a pioneer of a daily sheet mask in Japan

Using a sheet mask as a skincare routine was considered ”luxury” back in about 10 years ago. Lululun made an affordable sheet mask without compromising the quality with the hope to bring the luxury moment to busy women’s routine.

Lululun in 2013  (Lululun campaign in 2013)


We have three different daily-use mask ranges, which are Lululun Regular, Lululun Precious, and Lululun Over 45.

Lululun Regular is for all ages, introductory sheet masks for anyone to start sheet masking every day. Don't underestimate this series! They do the job very well to maintain the skin supple and hydrated.

Lululun Precious is great for mature skin that has hardened due to the beginning of aging. All three types of Lululun Precious masks contain L22, Lululun’s proprietary complex oil, which tones out the amount of sebum and moisture in the skin, aiming to have the youthful-looking skin of the 22-year-old.

Lululun Over 45 is the new series for the skin after 45 years old. Some studies show that women’s skin changes to the next stage after 45 years old. In this modern era, Lululun wanted to support those women’s skincare needs.
Japan is known to have a long life and has the largest population of centenarians living in the world. 45 years is not even halfway to go!

Special care for your occasional skincare needs

You don't have time for sheet masking every day? Or feeling lazy to do so?
If so, that's when special care series comes in. Because these masks are for occasional use, all sheet masks are soaked up rich essences in a package and waiting for you to try!

Lululun ONE is the most luxurious sheet mask among Lululun products. It’s as if you soak your face into the beauty serum for a good 15 minutes.
Using the Lululun's original micro oil processing, which compressed beauty serum into the micro-sized oil, it softens the skin to let it absorb other plant-based extracts deep into the skin.
Along with daily skincare routine, use Lululun ONE as your special skincare.

Lululun One Night is best for you when you need to rescue the skin overnight! The individual package is convenient to carry with you on the go or travel. From concerns of dryness, dull skin to pore care, throw a sheet mask onto your skin before sleep, and you are good to go :) Plenty of essence melts into your skin, and it saves you on a special day.

Seal the skin with a cream after a sheet mask

Lululun has two different creams; Lululun Moist Gel Cream and Lululun Precious Cream.

Moist Gel Cream has a fluffy light texture yet sticks to the skin, conditioning the skin as well as moisturizing.

Precious Cream is a rich aging care cream that is best for mature skin. It won't leave sticky feeling despite its creamy rich texture.

moist gel cream and precious cream