Cleansing is the Key to the Flawless Skin

Facial cleansing is something you do every day, but if you don’t do it the right way, your skin ended up building dirt or being damaged, and that leads to even worse. No matter how expensive skincare products you use, your skin stops absorbing products and doesn’t properly work.  

Furthermore, the built-up dirt causes germs or oxidizing skin, causing acne/pimples, inflammatory, rough skin, clogged pores, and other skin troubles.



• Promotes Skin Turnover Cycle
• Improves Blood Circulation and Encourages Detoxifying
• Prevents Skin Troubles



• What Blue Light does to the Skin
• Protect Your Skin with Catrolino



• Promotes Skin Turnover Cycle

Washing the face is important to remove not only makeup but also dust, excess sebum, and dead skin to promote skin turnover cycle.

• Improves Blood Circulation and Encourages Detoxifying

Some said that gently massaging your skin with ring fingers while cleansing the skin can improve blood circulation. That way, we could expect a detoxifying effect from better blood flow, which promotes discharging impurity.


Here is a tip!
When you massage your face, make sure to use ring fingers because it's the weakest finger of all. The key here is you want to minimize the stress to the skin while massaging to improve blood flow. If ring fingers are not strong enough, then use both middle and ring fingers.


• Prevents Skin Troubles

Old sebum causes enlarged and clogged pores eventually becoming blackheads. Cleanse pores and secure the exit of sebum will prevent skin troubles.


Many facial cleansers contain a surfactant to dissolve water and oil, however, it can stress your skin. For example, the surfactant washes off dirt and the sebaceous membrane (the skin protection factor) at the same time and loses NMF* (natural moisturizing factor).
*NMF has a role to maintain adequate skin hydration and protect the skin from damage.

Therefore, it's important to avoid "Over-cleansing."
Choose the right facial cleanser that only removes unwanted dirt and maintains moisture on the skin and minimizes the stress to the skin.

Here is a tip!
Choose different cleansers depending on your skin conditions, for instance, choose a powerful cleanser, such as an oil cleanser, when you wear full-face makeup, but choose a mild cleanser if you only wearing sunscreen.



• Use Smartphone Before Sleep

It feels so nice to relax after washing off the makeup. But the problem is after that. Don't you have a habit to check your phone or watch videos with tablets??
Blue light from a smartphone, computer, or TV not only worsens your sleep quality but also leads to several skin damages.


• What Blue Light Does To The Skin

1. Destroys Collagens

Blue light is the most powerful energy among all visible light and can reach deeper layers of the skin than UV could. Some studies suggest that blue light may destroy fibroblast that synthesizes elastin and collagen. Also, the skin will lose its elasticity, leading to wrinkles and saggy skin.

2. Potential Hyperpigmentation

It's said that this powerful light may generate melanin pigment in the skin. Have you heard of the phrase, “smartphone-face tan”? This is becoming common knowledge in Japan, and too much exposure to blue light may cause hyperpigmentation, dull skin, and spots.

3. May generate Active Oxygen

Like UV light, recently blue light has been discussed to generate active oxygen that damages the skin by destroying cell membranes and can be a cause of dry, dullness, and aging skin.

4. Causes Eye Strain and Aged Look

"Almost all visible blue light passes through the cornea and lens and reaches the retina. This light may affect vision and could prematurely age the eyes." -
Digital eyestrain may lead to dark circles under the eyes and giving you an aged look due to too much tension around the eyes.



• Protect your skin with Catrolino

Carotolino that is contained in Lululun Cleansing Balm Aroma Type has skin protection benefits against blue light.
This natural oil derived from carrots is gentle to the skin and protects the bare skin from the blue light after washing off the sunscreen.


▲ This image shows the Carotolino absorbing blue light.

Only the red and green lights reach the backside, but the blue light is completely absorbed and shut-off by Carotolino solution.
Emollient veils containing Carotolino protects the stress from blue light after facial cleansing and prevent dryness.

You may be working hard at home until going to bed or enjoying movie night after the long day. In these modern days, a busy lifestyle may be inevitable for many of us, but let's protect our fragile skin and keep it healthy!

Lululun Cleansing Balm Aroma Type