How to Get the Most Out of Your Sheet Mask

Sheet masks are easy to use, and they are powerful tools when you want to enhance your skin's natural glow. However, how you use your sheet mask greatly affects the results you get. Take the time to prep your skin and mask to ensure you're getting the most out of your sheet mask.

Wash Your Face First...

Whether or not you're wearing makeup, you want to make sure your face is completely clean before putting on your sheet mask. A face that's freshly cleansed and toned makes for the best results. That's because when it's at its cleanest, your face best absorbs all the active ingredients from your mask.

Beyond that, if you don't wash your face first, you risk trapping impurities such as dirt. Your mask will force these impurities deeper into your skin. Make sure you at least use a gentle cleanser, but using a toner will further soften your skin and make it ready to receive the benefits of the mask.

...But Hold Off On Washing After

On the other hand, washing your face right after you remove your mask is counterproductive. The mask's hydrating ingredients and essence should be soaked into your skin, and washing your face wastes those benefits.

Wiping extra essence off your face with tissues or cotton also takes away the benefits. Instead, tap or pat the residue left behind by the mask until everything absorbs fully. That's the best way to nourish your skin.

Apply Moisturizer Wisely

Likewise, you need to get strategic when you apply moisturizer in conjunction with a sheet mask. While it's key to cleanse and tone your skin, you shouldn't apply your moisturizer before your mask.

After, however, is another story. Moisturizer helps maintain your skin's hydration, and it also helps to maintain a sheet mask's essence. The moisturizer acts as a seal for the ingredients absorbed from the mask.

Pay Attention to Prep

If you skimp on the preparation stages of your mask, you'll miss out on the best results. You want your mask to adhere properly to your face. If you do it right, it should feel a lot like another layer of your skin.

Match cut-outs in the mask to your mouth, nose, and eyes before smoothing the mask over your face. The better you get the sheet mask to cling to your skin, the better your skin will absorb the essence. That short amount of extra time that you spend making sure everything fits properly can make a big difference.

Let LuLuLun Nourish Your Skin

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Taking a few extra minutes to prepare your skin and then following up after you use your mask makes a big difference. You're sure to have gorgeous, glowing skin when you make the most out of your sheet mask.