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LuLuLun Face Masks
Daily use Regular Series

LuLuLun was founded on the idea of wanting to create special care masks that can be used daily. With daily use, the beauty ingredients penetrate into the skin over time, resulting in more radiant and supple skin.

LuLuLun Face Masks
Daily use Anti-Aging Care Series

Knowing that skin ages ever day, 365 days of the year. We researched skin concerns of those over 40, and created a luxurious mask to combat signs of aging.

Moisture mask before sleep

For those who want to have perfect skin in one night time before an important day, 2 kinds of rescue facial masks which focus on efficacy and effectiveness are prepared for emergency.

Special Face Masks

The first special care mask is the LuLuLun One series. Our unique micro oil processing method means beauty ingredints penetrate deep for soft skin plumped up with natural moisture.

Nature's Power Face Masks

The AROMA line was newly developed to offer a therapeutic skincare experience. Our proprietary blend of natural aromatic oils is unparalleled at this price point in other face masks.

Nature Care Mask - A selection o five treatments containing natural beauty components tailored to various skin types. Beautiful skin with the power of nature.