Lululun ONE

The best masks in LuLuLun history.

Two micro oil masks for unparalleled skin.

Micro oil manufacturing process and new beauty ingredient Brigntenyl

LuLuLun's micro oil manufacturing process is the secret to this mask, which provides a smooth and enjoyable feeling while you nourishing your entire face with a thick, rich serum.

Created based on DNA Research, Brightenyl* can slowly and gently penetrates into your relaxed skin.

* Digluccosyl gallic acid induchem.

A mask that adheres gently yet firmly to your face so serum can slowly penetrate deep into the skin.

The LuLuLun ONE Series Masks are of three-layered mille-feuille sheets.

This Mask gently yet firmly cover dryness-prone areas such as the corners of your month and eyes, and even down to your neck line.

Series One

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