Skin Conditioning Mask

Skin Conditioning Mask

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Supplemental Face Mask
to target skin concerns

Just wear a mask, and you are good to go

To keep your skin healthy,
The most important thing is to properly prevent drynes:

However, on busy or tired days,
we tend to skip taking care of our skin.

We all have problems with our skin, don't we?
So we have developed "supplemented" skin care products for your skin concerns.

Lululun "Skin Conditioning" face masks are now available.

The face mask adheres snuggly for your skin.
The ingredients directly approach the problem.

It will restore your skin to a healthy cycle
and spend each day in good health.

This series includes "Sensitive Skin & Moisturizing" and "Brightening*2 & Rough Skin Mask," both of which are expected to have a "2-in-One" effect. The face masks provide full-fledged care in the comfort of your own home.

*1 Skin that becomes rough due to dryness *2 Prevents spots and freckles by supporting skin's natural function.

Ceramide 3 (NP) * 1, Mulberry bark extract * 5,
Lavendar extract * 2, Rose fruit extract * 6,
Edelweiss extract * 2, Peony extract *7,
Ginseng extract * 3, Kiwi extract * 8,
Moisturizer for sensitive skin * 4

Perfect, for urgent skincare needs or for taking care of your skin on an important day! Keep it in your purse or bring it to your travel.

It can be used regardless of skin type, age, or season.