Premium Lululun Sheet Mask, Autumn Maple 2022

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SEASONAL Lululun Sheet Mask, Autumn MAPLE LEAVES 2022 Version
2 sizes available (Choose One):
• 35 sheets Box (7 sheets pack x 5 bags)
• 7 sheets pack

SEASONAL Premium Lululun is a special limited package featuring natural-derived ingredients grown in the season!
Makes your skin radiant. You can enjoy the sweet scent.

It helps to condition your skin that tends to be loose in the change of the season, and moisturize it to be ready for winter.
Enjoy the sweet fragrance of autumn leaves, and savor autumn scene from a relaxing skincare time to your mind!

Recommended Age Range:  12 - 29 • 30 - 34 • 35 - 3940 - 4445 and above
Features: HydrationFirming • Brightening • Aging
Typical Usage: Daily base (once a day)








Let's savor autumn with our skin and hearts, enveloped in the enchanting sweet fragrance of the autumn leaves.

Autumn is the season when our hearts are filled with the vivid colors of nature. The beautifully colored leaves and seasonal fruits have hidden powers that are good for the skin.
This product helps to prepare the skin for winter by toning and moisturizing the skin, which tends to fluctuate with the changing of the seasons.


Extra-thick fluffy sheet with improved fit and moisture content

A “water tank full of moisture” full of beautifying ingredients is gently sandwiched between “skin absorption support layers” to create ultra thick, plump sheets that help moisture penetrate your skin.

First thoroughly cleanse and dry the face.
Position the eye and mouth parts and lightly press to adhere the mask to the whole face.
Leave the mask on for 5-10 minutes. The mask is also effective if it is lightly warmed with the palms of the hands.
Remove the mask, fold and discard. Afterwards apply LuLuLun Cream Mask for optimal effect.


Ginkgo Biloba Leaf Extract (firmness and elasticity)

This colorful tree in autumn has been around for 200 million years without changing its appearance. The strong vitality of Ginkgo Biloba brings vitality and resilience to autumn skin, which tends to fluctuate.

Iroha Momiji Leaf (Japanese Maple) Extract

Extracted from the leaves of the Iroha momiji, the moisturizing extract prevents rough skin and gives skin elasticity and transparency with hydration, leading to glowing, healthy skin.

Chestnut Astringent Peel Fermented Extract (harmonising)

Autumn is the time of year when dryness and irritation caused by UV rays in the summer can be a concern.
The astringent skin that protects the chestnut fruit is fermented with yeast to produce this extract. The extract delivers a youthful luster and bouncy firmness.

All ingredients: Water, Glycerin, Butylene Glycol, Acer Palmatum Leaf Extract, Castanea Crenata (Chestnut) Shell Extract, Ginkgo Biloba Leaf Extract, Glycosphingolipids, PEG-40 Hydrogenated Caster oil, Xanthan Gum, Citric Acid, Sodium Citrate, Phenoxyethanol, Methylparaben, Fragrance

*  The masks should be discarded after use. Please do not reuse them.

*  Stop using if any skin irritation occurs.

*  Do not apply to any unusual skin irritation, scarring, bump, blister or rash.

*  If the serum enters your eyes, immediately rinse the eyes with plenty of water.


<Caution for storage>

*  Keep away from reach of children.

*  Avoid the place of extremely high temperature or under direct sunlight.

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