Japanese Skincare Copycat Regimen

Japanese skincare is known for being all-natural, quick, and easy. It’s taken the world by storm because what woman doesn’t want to get out the door quickly while still looking absolutely fabulous? Steal these Japanese skincare routines to get radiant skin that glows, no matter how many hours of sleep you had last night.

Always Remove Your Makeup

It may seem obvious, but it’s a step that many of us skip. Skip the harsh chemical cleansers, and instead opt for a gentle, all-natural product that doesn’t contain any alcohol. Many Japanese women simply wash their face with warm water, while others swear by a konjac sponge to gently wash their faces.

Use a Toner

Toners are a wonderful way to add moisture back into your skin. They help give your skin that youthful glow. Japanese toners are slightly different to toners that are traditionally sold in the United States. Japanese toners are sometimes called lotions, although they are actually the step you want to use before you put on your lotion. Japanese toners hydrate, firm up, smooth, and brighten your skin.


When you apply your toner, you should put some into your hand then gently pat it onto your skin. Do not rub it around like you might with a regular lotion.

Try a Serum

Serums, also referred to as beauty essences, are another essential Japanese product that you should be adding to your skincare regime. Serums are packed with antioxidants and essential oils that help to moisturize your skin. Serums help keep your skin looking tight and smooth and should be part of every women’s anti-aging skin routine.


Many face masks contain serums, and they are a great step to add to your beauty regime both day and night. Sheet masks allow your skin to naturally absorb the serum in about 15 minutes while still being able to get on with other tasks while it soaks in.



The last step before you apply your makeup should be a good moisturizer that holds the serum in and protects you from the sun’s UV rays. Make sure it’s the right kind of moisturizer for your skin type, and it’s absolutely vital that it contains an SPF. Protecting your skin from the sun will keep you looking younger for much longer.


If your moisturizer doesn’t have an SPF and you can’t find one that you love, be sure to find a lightweight sunscreen that you can layer on top of your moisturizer.

Don’t Forget Your Lips


After you care for and moisturize your face, you don’t want to forget about your lips. There’s nothing worse than cracked or dry lips. Japanese women put as much consideration into their lip treatments as they do into their facial treatments. Look for products that contain natural oils that will hydrate and soothe your lips throughout the changing seasons.


A good skincare routine should be something that you start as early as possible. You’re never too young to start looking after your skin. It’s not something reserved solely for mothers and grandmothers to help reduce wrinkles, but something that can help keep you looking young and radiant throughout your entire life.