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Welcome to LuLuLun USA Official website. LuLuLun is one of the biggest and best selling face masks and beauty brands in Japan. LuLuLun was founded on the idea of providing special care face masks that can be used daily to uncover the best of you, to seek out the natural beauty hidden behind makeup that goes for everyone, equally. That's why LuLuLun is not only affordable to all but offers superior Japanese quality.

LuLuLun only uses the best fragrance-free, artificial coloring-free, mineral oil-free natural ingredients and carefully tested out combinations for optimum treatment. Adopting an unique 3-layer structure and a perfected cuttings and skin adherence, LuLuLun face masks allow deep penetration of beauty ingredients and results in radiant and supple skin everyday.


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  • Japanese Skincare Copycat Regimen
    Japanese Skincare Copycat Regimen
    Japanese skincare is known for being all-natural, quick, and easy. It’s taken the world by storm because what woman doesn’t want to get out the door quickly while still looking absolutely fabulous? Steal these Japanese skincare routines to get radiant skin that glows, no matter how many hours of sleep you had last night.
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  • Cleansing is the Key to the Flawless Skin
    Cleansing is the Key to the Flawless Skin

    Facial cleansing is something you do daily, but if you don’t do the right way, your skin ended up building dirt or being damaged, and that leads to even worse. No matter how expensive skin care products you use, your skin absorbs products, and doesn’t properly work.

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  • How to choose the right Lululun mask for your skin
    How to choose the right Lululun mask for your skin

    If it's your first time trying Lululun, you may be confused about how to choose the right mask for your skin.
    We'd love to explain here and make it easy for you to pick one for tonight!

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  • Achieve Crystal Clear Skin with Sheet Mask
    Achieve Crystal Clear Skin with Sheet Mask

    You probably heard of the phrase, "Clear Skin".
    What is exactly the Clear Skin? Is it the fair skin without suntan? Or is it the skin with no freckles or spots? Everybody may have a different image of Clear Skin. We'd like to talk about it with a point of view of the 'Light'.

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